Social commitment to alL

The strong sense of responsibility towards our team, our peers and all human beings on this planet is a big part of everything we do.

We use less equipment, less overheads and more cloud technology, all of which are better for the environment
Our team members can work from anywhere, so they support the local economy — or the local café!
We work 'pro-bono' for non-profit organisations operating within causes we're passionate about
We have a commitment to donate 1% of our yearly pre-tax profit to a charity that means a lot to us
We are paper-free but when we absolutely need to print we prefer to use FSC certified 100% recycled paper
We are committed to using green web hosting powered by wind energy
On the road to become a green company, we have plans in place to offset our carbon footprint and work towards being carbon neutral
We minimise stress and tension to avoid polluting the environment with negative energy